About the Artist

I am a student of Life. My work as an artist and a teacher, as well as my devotion to nature and beauty, are my schools of Life. It is an honor and a privilege to express the splendor of existence, the flow of Life as I experience it, through my art.

The process of creating is a dance of the sacred. My part of the dance is to show up, hold the paintbrush and be open. What follows is an alchemical mix of intention, love and timeless effort through the doorway of the canvas.

My paintings often have an otherworldly quality, reflecting my journey in meditation and mysticism over the last 25 years. They are also intimate, expressing my deep love for the Divine Feminine. Each painting carries a specific vibration or transmission of that love and luminosity, a kind of non-verbal prayer. Collectors of my art often speak of their experience with this non-physical quality to my work, saying that the paintings emanate stillness and joy and are blessings for their homes.